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Is your qualification equivalent to practice in Ireland?

Currently internationally qualified Clinical Measurement Physiologists can apply for recognition of their qualifications to work in Ireland through the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Science (IICMS)


Application steps

Step 1

Complete the Recognition of Qualification application form and submit along with your supporting documentation

(Please Note: The application form contains further instruction as to these supporting documents.)


Step 2

Pay the application fee online at the link below. A receipt will issue to you by email.

Please include a copy of your receipt with your completed application and for your own records.

(Please Note: Your application cannot be processed without fee payment. The fee is non-refundable.)



If you have any further queries please contact us at info@iicms.ie or cmcgrane@stjames.ie




Step 1

Application Form: Application for Recognition of Qualifications


Step 2

Pay Application Fee €150