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IICMS Welcome to the website of the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Science

Welcome to the website of the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Science

The IICMS is the representative body of professionals working in the field of physiological or clinical measurement science in Ireland.  Our members are employed throughout both the public and private health systems.

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What do people working in Clinical Measurement Science do?

We are Health Professionals who are part of a group of professions known as Health and Social Care Professionals.  We work in one of five disciplines, Cardiac Physiology, Neurophysiology, Gastro-Intestinal Physiology, Respiratory Physiology and Vascular Physiology.

We mainly work in the area of diagnostics, carrying out tests directly on patients and very often providing reports on these tests.  We also work in the therapeutic area, following up on initiated therapies to ensure compliance and effectiveness.

The profession requires an understanding of human physiology, the pathology of differing disease states, both acute and chronic and also an understanding of the technical aspects of the diagnostic equipment.

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The aims of the IICMS are

  • To advance the practice and delivery of physiological measurement services in Ireland
  • To promote the highest standards of practice, education, and training within the profession
  • To establish a dedicated forum for scientific and technical communications between members
  • To provide information on the investigation and diagnosis of a diverse range of conditions to patients, their families and friends
  • To facilitate dialogue and discussion with other professional associations and societies with common interests
  • To represent our members interests in employment and related areas


The structure of the IICMS

The IICMS comprises of members from all five disciplines of Clinical Measurement Science.

The IICMS has developed a faculty structure, recognising the unique nature of each of our disciplines.  At the same time the disciplines are all under the umbrella of the IICMS, recognising our professional commonalities and goals.

The website is available to members of the public to provide basic information about physiological investigation of many conditions.  A private section for registered members only provides a wide of clinical, scientific and technical resources.

We welcome suggestions from members and non-members alike that will help us to improve and add to the website in the future.