Basic Grade Respiratory Physiologist

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Job Title & Grade

Basic Grade Respiratory Physiologist

Closing Date Thursday 3rd February 2022 by 6pm

Duration of Post

Permanent Part-Time

Location of Post

Children’s Health Ireland (CHI), comprises of the three children’s hospitals at CHI at
Crumlin, Dublin 12, CHI at Temple Street, Dublin 1 and CHI at Tallaght, Dublin 24 and the
Paediatric Outpatients and Urgent Care Centre, CHI at Connolly Hospital, Dublin 15. The
new OPD and Emergency Care Unit in Tallaght opened in November 2021.
CHI’s Programme Office, CHI Herberton is located in Rialto, Dublin 8 adjacent to the new
children’s hospital which is on the campus shared with St James’s Hospital.
CHI Crumlin

Background Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) operates as a single service across the existing Dublin
children’s hospitals, Crumlin, Temple Street and Tallaght. Also, the paediatric outpatients
and urgent care centres, Connolly which opened in July 2019 and Tallaght which opened in
November 2021. CHI governs and operates local paediatric services for the Greater Dublin
Area and all national paediatric specialist services, some of which are on an all-island basis.
 Just under 25% of our population are children under 18 years of age. It was
estimated in 2016 that 16% of our children have a chronic disease, such as,
diabetes, allergies and asthma and this was increasing. 2% are acutely ill or have
complex and multiple care needs requiring national services
 CHI currently has a staff of 4,150 delivering care annually to 334,500 children,
young people and their families through 39 clinical specialties and 442 in-patient &
day care beds
 2019 activity: In-patients 24,500; Day cases 33,500; Outpatients 147,500; ED
Ireland will have a world class new children’s hospital that is purpose built to deliver the
best care and treatments that are available for future generations to come

Master CHI General Job Description (V7 updated 11-08-20)

The new children’s hospital, which will open in 2023 will bring together the three children’s
hospitals into a world class building on a campus shared with St James’s Hospital. This will
be a leading campus in healthcare and research in Ireland, a leading adult teaching hospital,
a children’s hospital and in time, a new maternity hospital, when the Coombe Women and
Infants University Hospital is relocated on the campus.
CHI is leading on the clinical and operational transformation on how children’s healthcare
will be delivered in the future to deliver better, safer and more sustainable healthcare in
the future. The new hospital is planned as the first ‘Digital Hospital’ in the system with the
implementation of an Electronic Healthcare Record, as well as, other evidence based
standards, such as, 100% single rooms.
Children’s Hospital Programme is a major programme of work led by CHI, focused on
transformative service change to enhance services for children, young people and their
families, to integrate the three existing hospitals, while maintaining existing and new
services, ensuring patient safety and quality until transition is complete.
For further information about CHI, check out our recruitment website WWW.CHI.jobs

Reporting Arrangements

This post will report to the Chief Respiratory Physiologist at CHI Crumlin

Key Working Relationships

The post holder will work closely with: key stakeholders from a clinical and administrative
background in relation to the Respiratory and Sleep Department, including the Chief
Respiratory Physiologist, Senior and Basic Grade Physiologists, Respiratory Consultants,
Other Consultants, CNSps, Respiratory Teams, other teams.
Please note that this list is not exhaustive and key working relationships will change as the
project moves from service development, construction completion, commissioning &
transitioning to steady state.

Purpose of the

The purpose of this role is to perform and provide accurate lung function and sleep study
data and to support the Respiratory teams and other teams with accurate test data in a
professional manner, performing tests using a variety of skills, techniques and equipment.
The post holder will be required to carry out a range of routine lung function tests and
may be required to participate in overnight sleep studies (training will be provided for
sleep studies).

Master CHI General Job Description (V7 updated 11-08-20)

A complete understanding of all the techniques and equipment associated with these tests
as well as an ability to make accurate measurements is required. The post holder will be
required to follow the direction of senior staff. Be professionally responsible for all aspects
of the post holder’s own work, under the supervision of the Chief Respiratory Physiologist
Embrace and support any changes in technology, and assist in the implementation and
operation of these changes

Principal Duties

Professional Duties and Responsibilities: Self-motivated, highly organised, able to
communicate effectively with a wide range of people.
* in-house training will be provided if required
Administrative Responsibilities
 Adhere to hospital policies and procedures in all aspects of care.
 Display qualities of leadership and good communication with all users of service
and other service providers.
 Report accidents and incidents. Participate in the investigation and remedial
 Be familiar with Hospital & Departmental Disaster Plans and its implementation.
 Comply with mandatory training requirements as per hospital policy
 Adheres to department and hospital policies, procedures and guidelines at all times

Self-Development & Education
 As medical procedures change and developments are introduced the Physiologist
must update his/her knowledge and training accordingly.
 Attend staff training programmes.
 Maintain a personal record of professional development. Act as a role model.
 Assist in maintaining a level of excellence in patient care by maintaining
standards and supporting the overall management of the Department.

The above is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties involved and consequently,
the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which
may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the
post while in office.

Master CHI General Job Description (V7 updated 11-08-20)
and experience

Essential Criteria:
 Possess the BSc in Clinical Measurement from Dublin Technological Institute (DTU)
formerly Dublin Institute of Technology
or equivalent as confirmed by the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Science
 Possess the Certificate in Medical Physics and Physiological Measurement (MPPM)
from Dublin Institute of Technology or equivalent as confirmed by the Irish Institute
of Clinical Measurement Science (IICMS).

Desirable Criteria:
 Able to work independently and as part of the team
 Excellent organisational and interpersonal skills
 Demonstrate the initiative, drive and enthusiasm to carry out the role successfully
 Able to work professionally at all times when dealing with patients, staff and the
 Able to multi-task and prioritise effectively
 Be flexible with working hours to include night work
 Self-motivated
 Champions measurement on delivery of results and is willing to take personal
responsibility to initiate activities and drive objectives through to a conclusion.


Children’s Health Ireland employees, who hold a permanent contract, are eligible to apply
for fixed term and specified purpose competitions across the five Children’s Health Ireland
sites. Employees who take up specified purpose or fixed term posts will retain their
permanent substantive grade.

Master CHI General Job Description (V7 updated 11-08-20)
at CHI

“Professionalism” at CHI involves forming values and
developing behaviours and attitudes which foster
professional relationships, promote public trust and
enhance patient safety.
Staff at CHI should be committed to compassion,
effective communication, integrity and honesty,
working in partnership with the wider healthcare
team/s to promote continuous improvement.

Evidence based practice, cultural sensitivity and self-
care, all culminating in improved child/patient centred service.
These commitments aspire to excellence,
professional identity formation and leadership.“


Specialist Knowledge, Expertise, Personal Commitment and Motivation
 Is personally committed and motivated for this complex role.
 Be an outstanding communicator. An individual who possesses excellent written/oral
communications skills, as well as the ability to present his/her views in a clear and
compelling manner.
 Demonstrates the required knowledge for the specialist role applied for.
 Demonstrates strong experience in their specialist area; specifically highlighting their
experience relevant to the role applied for.
 Demonstrates a strong willingness and ability to operate in the flexible manner that is
essential for the effective delivery of the role.
 Demonstrates a commitment to further education in health services management.
Leadership & Direction
 Develops networks and communications systems to ensure that they are fully informed
in a dynamic and challenging environment.
 Is an effective leader and a positive driver for change; transforms the vision into a
framework and structures for moving forward.
 Understands the challenges of leading complex systems change.
 Balances change with continuity – continually strives to improve service delivery, to
create a work environment that encourages creative thinking and to maintain focus,
intensity and persistence even under increasingly complex and demanding conditions.

Master CHI General Job Description (V7 updated 11-08-20)

Working With & Through Others – Influencing to Achieve
 Has significant experience in engaging with healthcare organisations.
 Demonstrates the ability to work independently as well as work with a wider
multidisciplinary / multi-agency team in a complex and changing environment.
 Is persuasive and effectively sells the vision; commands attention and inspires
 Sets high standards for the team and puts their work and the work of the organisation
into meaningful context.
 Has excellent influencing and negotiation skills.
Managing & Delivering Results
 Places strong emphasis on achieving high standards of excellence.
 Commits a high degree of energy to well directed activities and looks for and seizes
opportunities that is beneficial to achieving organisation goals.
 Perseveres and sees tasks through.
 Champions measurement on delivery of results and is willing to take personal
responsibility to initiate activities and drive objectives through to a conclusion.
Critical Analysis & Decision Making
 Has the ability to rapidly assimilate and analyse complex information; considers the
impact of decisions before taking action; anticipates problems.
 Recognises when to involve other parties at the appropriate time and level.
 Is willing to take calculated risks in the interests of furthering the reform agenda.
 Makes timely decisions and stands by those decisions as required.
Building Relationships / Communication
 Possesses the ability to explain, advocate and express facts and ideas in a convincing
manner, and actively liaise with individuals and groups internally and externally.
 Is committed to building a professional network to remain up-to-date with and
influence internal and external politics.
 Is committed to working co-operatively with and influencing senior management
colleagues to drive forward the reform agenda.
 Has strong results focus and ability to achieve results through collaborative working.

Quality, Risk &

It is the responsibility of all staff to:
 Participate and cooperate with legislative and regulatory requirements with regard to
Quality, Risk and Safety.
 Participate and cooperate with Children’s Health Ireland Quality and Risk and Safety
initiatives as required.

Master CHI General Job Description (V7 updated 11-08-20)

 Participate and cooperate with internal and external evaluations of hospital
structures, services and processes as required, including but not limited to:
 National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare
 National Standards for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated
 HSE Standards and Recommended Practices for Healthcare Records Management
 HSE Standards and Recommended practices for Decontamination of Reusable
Invasive Medical Devices (RIMD)
 Safety audits and other audits specified by the HSE or other regulatory authorities.
 To initiate, support and implement quality improvement initiatives in their area which
are in keeping with the hospitals continuous quality improvement programme.
It is the responsibility of all managers to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
for Quality, Safety and Risk within their area/department

Health & Safety These duties must be performed in accordance with the hospital health and safety policy.
In carrying out these duties the employee must ensure that effective safety procedures are
in place to comply with the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act. Staff must carry out
their duties in a safe and responsible manner in line with the Hospital Policy as set out in
the appropriate department’s safety statement, which must be read and understood.

for Best
Practice in

Hygiene in healthcare is defined as “the practice that serves to keep people and the
environment clean and prevent infection. It involves preserving one’s health, preventing the
spread of disease and recognizing, evaluating and controlling health hazards.”
 It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure compliance with hospital hygiene
standards, guidelines and practices.
 Department heads/ managers have overall responsibility for best practice in hygiene
in their area.
 It is mandatory to attend hand hygiene and sharps awareness workshops yearly.


Applicants will be shortlisted based on information supplied in the CV and covering letter
Applications for this post must be accompanied by a covering letter, setting out relevant
experience that illustrates how the essential criteria listed above is met. The criteria for
short listing are based on the requirements of the post as outlined in the eligibility criteria
and/or the knowledge, skills and competencies section of this job specification.
* Please note that you must submit a cover letter with your CV, this forms part of your
application and CV’s will not be accepted without a detailed cover letter.

Master CHI General Job Description (V7 updated 11-08-20)
How to Apply &

The closing date for submissions of CV’s and letter of application is Thursday 3rd February
2022 by 6pm. Applications must be completed through the advertised post on CHI.jobs by
clicking ‘Apply for Job’.
Applications will not be accepted through direct email or any other method.
For informal enquiries for this specialty/department, please contact Mairead Ryan,
For other queries relating to this recruitment process, please contact Kirsty Ogden, HR
Recruitment Officer, Kirsty.ogden1@nchg.ie

Panel/s A panel may be created from which permanent, fixed term and specified purpose vacancies
of a full or part time duration may be filled across the five Children’s Health Ireland
locations. The tenure of these panels will be indicated at offer stage.

Information on “Non-European Economic Area Applicants” is available from https://dbei.gov.ie/en/
The programme outlined for Children’s Health Ireland may impact on this role and as structures change the
job description may be reviewed.
Children’s Health Ireland is an equal opportunities employer.

Master CHI General Job Description (V7 updated 11-08-20)

Terms and Conditions of Employment
Basic Grade Respiratory Physiologist 146073

Duration of

This is a permanent part-time role.


Remuneration is in accordance with the salary scale approved by the Department of
Health: Current salary scale with effect from 1st October 2021: [Grade, Code 3016] and
rising annually in increments: €37,258, €39,339, €41,224, €42,079, €43,026, €45,506,
€47,011,€48,518, €52,252, €55,946 LSI.

Annual Leave Annual Leave entitlement is 29 days per annum pro rata
Working Week The hours allocated to this post are 18.5 hours as a standard working week. The allocation
of these hours will be at the discretion of the Department Head and in accordance with
the needs of the service.
HSE Circular 003-2009 “Matching Working Patterns to Service Needs (Extended Working
Day / Week Arrangements); Framework for Implementation of Clause 30.4 of Towards
2016” applies. Under the terms of this circular, all new entrants and staff appointed to
promotional posts from Dec 16th 2008 will be required to work agreed roster / on call
arrangements as advised by their line manager. Contracted hours of work are liable to
change between the hours of 8am-8pm over seven days to meet the requirements for
extended day services in accordance with the terms of the Framework Agreement
(Implementation of Clause 30.4 of Towards 2016).

Probation All employees will be subject to a probationary period as per the probation policy. This
policy applies to all employees irrespective of the type of contract under which they have
been employed. A period of 6 months’ probation will be served:
• On commencement of employment
• Fixed term to permanent contract
• Permanent employees commencing in promotional posts will also undertake a
probationary period relating to their new post.

Pension Employees of Children’s Health Ireland are required to be members of the Hospitals
Superannuation Scheme. Deductions at the appropriate rate will be made from your
salary payment.
If you are being rehired after drawing down a public service pension your attention is
drawn to Section 52 of the Public Services Pension (Single and Other Provisions) Act 2012.
The 2012 Act extends the principle of abatement to retired public servants in receipt of a

Master CHI General Job Description (V7 updated 11-08-20)

public service pension who secure another public service appointment in any public
service body.

Place of

CHI Crumlin

Age Age restrictions shall only apply to a candidate where he/she is not classified as a new
entrant (within the meaning of the Public Service Superannuation Act, 2004). A candidate
who is not classified as a new entrant must be under 65 years of age.


Maternity leave is granted in accordance with the terms of the Maternity Protection Acts
1994 and 2001.

Payment of sick

Children’s Health Ireland operates a Sickness Absence Management policy in line with the
new Public Service Sick Leave Scheme as introduced in 31st March 2014.



Prior to commencing in this role a person will be required to complete a form declaring
their health status which is reviewed by the hospital’s Occupational Health Service and if
required undergo a medical assessment with this department. Any person employed by
Children’s Health Ireland must be fully competent and capable of undertaking the duties
attached to the office and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable
prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.

Validation of
Qualifications &

Any credit given to a candidate at interview, in respect of claims to qualifications, training
and experience is provisional and is subject to verification. The recommendation of the
interview board is liable to revision if the claimed qualification, training or experience is
not proven.

References Children’s Health Ireland will seek up to three written references from current and
previous employers, educational institutions or any other organisations with which the
candidate has been associated. The hospital also reserves the right to determine the
merit, appropriateness and relevance of such references and referees.

Garda Vetting Children’s Health Ireland will carry out Garda vetting on all new employees. An employee
will not take up employment with the hospital until the Garda Vetting process has been
completed and the hospital is satisfied that such an appointment does not pose a risk to
clients, service users and employees.

Ethics in Public
Office 1995 and

remunerated at
or above the
minimum point

Positions remunerated at or above the minimum point of the Grade VIII salary scale
(€70,373 as at 01.10.2021) are designated positions under Section 18 of the Ethics in
Public Office Act 1995. Any person appointed to a designated position must comply with
the requirements of the Ethics in Public Office Acts 1995 and 2001 as outlined below;
A) In accordance with Section 18 of the Ethics in Public Office Act 1995, a person holding
such a post is required to prepare and furnish an annual statement of any interests which
could materially influence the performance of the official functions of the post. This

Master CHI General Job Description (V7 updated 11-08-20)
of the Grade
VIII salary scale
(€69,676 as of

annual statement of interest should be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer not later
than 31st January in the following year.
B) In addition to the annual statement, a person holding such a post is required, whenever
they are performing a function as an employee of the HSE and have actual knowledge, or
a connected person, has a material interest in a matter to which the function relates,
provide at the time a statement of the facts of that interest. A person holding such a post
should provide such statement to the Chief Executive Officer. The function in question
cannot be performed unless there are compelling reasons to do so and, if this is the case,
those compelling reasons must be stated in writing and must be provided to the Chief
Executive Officer.
C) A person holding such a post is required under the Ethics in Public Office Acts 1995 and
2001 to act in accordance with any guidelines or advice published or given by the
Standards in Public Office Commission. Guidelines for public servants on compliance with
the provisions of the Ethics in Public Office Acts 1995 and 2001 are available on the
Standards Commission’s website http://www.sipo.gov.ie/