Senior Respiratory Physiologist

Beaumont Hospital

The Respiratory Physiology/Pulmonary Function Department in Beaumont Hospital and the Sleep Diagnostic Department in St Joseph’s Hospital, Raheny carry out a range of non-invasive lung function and sleep investigations for inpatients, out-patients, and ambulatory care patients under the care of Beaumont Hospital.

These include:

·         Spirometry  (with  reversibility testing)

·         Lung volume measurement by gas dilution methods and body plethysmography

·         Diffusion capacity measurement

·         Tests of respiratory muscle function including MIP, MEP and SNIP

·         Forced Oscillometry Technique

·         FeNO measurement

·         Bronchial Provocation tests

·         Hypoxic challenge tests

·         Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET)

·         Overnight Oximetry

·         Polysomnography and limited sleep studies (including home studies) with analysis, scoring and reporting

·         Non-invasive Ventilation (CPAP) set-up, monitoring and optimisation

The successful candidate will be expected to demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge and competence and be suitably qualified to perform/train in all of these areas.


The Respiratory Physiology Department is a key service provider for a wide number of areas within the organisation, and is essential to the management of patients.

Under the enhanced clinical care programme for chronic disease, Beaumont Hospital Respiratory Physiology Department will provide direct access to diagnostic spirometry studies for patients with suspected chronic airways disease (e.g. COPD and asthma) to GPs and to Respiratory Integrated Care team members working within the Beaumont  Hospital catchment area of Dublin North Centre and County Community Healthcare Organisation 9 (DNCC CHO 9) and dedicated ambulatory care hub.

The Senior Respiratory Physiologist will work as a key team member supporting and providing the above services across Beaumont Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital Raheny, and dedicated ambulatory care hubs within the community.


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